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This is where Berlin lives.

As a municipal housing company, GESOBAU AG is one of the most important partners for affordable housing in Berlin. We are actively doing our part to continue providing affordable housing for broad sections of the population in the dynamically growing capital city and to maintain vibrant neighborhoods.

Since 2014, GESOBAU has again been building and expanding its housing stock through new construction and acquisitions, which will grow to approximately 52,000 apartments by 2026. Together with subsidiaries, we currently manage a portfolio of around 44,000 owned apartments, primarily in the north of Berlin.

GESOBAU is sustainably committed to good neighborhoods in its neighborhoods, supports educational initiatives and schools, and works toward the socio-spatial integration of all people living in its properties.

The Märkische Viertel sets standards

The large 1960s housing estate Märkisches Viertel is GESOBAU's most distinctive individual portfolio brand. Its conversion to a low-energy housing estate was completed on schedule at the end of 2015 after eight years. Since 2019, GESOBAU has also been supplying around 13,500 apartments in the Märkisches Viertel with 100 percent CO2-neutral heat at no additional cost to tenants. This makes the Märkisches Viertel, Germany's largest low-energy housing estate, almost CO2-neutral.


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