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Urbanomy was founded with intensive support by EDF Pulse Croissance. The start-up owes its existence to the dedication of its three founders and EDF's commitment to combating climate change and achieving an energy revolution without any loss in quality of life. To complement its offer, Urbanomy works in close collaboration with EDF R&D and EDF's business development teams as well as a number of local partners. EDF's relationships and experience with urban systems, developed over decades, make it an indispensable partner for cities. On this basis, Urbanomy has successfully positioned itself in the entire field of urban and energy planning. Urbanomy develops strategies and solutions for urban planning projects with and for its clients.

In order to meet our integrated concept, we take into account a variety of professional disciplines: energy efficiency, energy systems, mobility, quality of life, environmental protection, community.


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Lars Winkler

Business Developer Deutschland

Tel: +49 (0) 30 26 37 50 86