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degewo netzWerk GmbH

For us - innovative technology, stable warm rents and fair living belong together!

Future. As a subsidiary of degewo, we have ambitious goals: The electricity and heat supply of many degewo buildings is to come from renewable energies and decentralized plants. We want to use digital technologies to make degewo's properties more attractive and property management easier.

Fast data networks in our buildings. To ensure that tenants always have the best access to the digital world, we provide fast communications networks in our buildings, relying on coaxial and fiber-optic technology.

Economic efficiency. At degewo netzWerk, we pool expertise to create synergies. This makes our services efficient and reduces ancillary costs for tenants.

Innovations. With our know-how and our technology, we tailor future-proof solutions for everything to do with housing, for example in the area of IoT. Digital solutions for more service, consumption transparency and mobility in buildings make life in our neighborhoods more attractive and everyday life even more convenient for tenants.

More climate protection and sustainability. By using renewable energies, innovative efficiency technologies and a sustainable infrastructure, we protect the climate and scarce natural resources. With decentralized heat and power supply, combined heat and power plants, pellet plants, solar thermal and photovoltaics, we are driving forward the energy transition.


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Ulrich Jursch


Tel: +49 030 264859501