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Form Follows You GmbH

Form Follows You works as an innovation office at the interface between spatial planning and digital processes. We design and develop digital tools and strategies for the construction and real estate industry as well as the municipalities. As an interdisciplinary thinking and working team, we offer our clients integral and digital-based planning processes and consulting services. Our services range from the development and consulting of smart city strategies to digital-based participation processes and the development of digital planning tools. By using the latest technological tools in planning and communication, we are able to negotiate complex issues with our clients and process participants in a goal-oriented, inclusive and efficient manner.

Through rule-based design and computer-aided spatial analysis, we dynamize the planning and negotiation process in architecture and urban planning. The fields of application range from the analysis of existing buildings, the determination of structural potential, the negotiation of variants in planning processes to the individual, digitally-supported planning of buildings.


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Max Rudolph


Tel: +49 30 314 80881