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hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH

We follow unconventional paths and design individual solutions in order to take into account the legal requirements, the architectural demands and the budget of the developers in equal measure. From our six locations in Germany, we are active nationwide and internationally and have already realised fire protection concepts for the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, the Roche high-rise in Basel and the Pudong Museum in Shanghai. As one of the most successful European fire protection companies, we have always been thinking outside the box and cultivate the exchange of knowledge - both internally and externally.

Thus, in addition to the core business of preventive and defensive fire protection, our competences also include innovative concepts of knowledge transfer: With hhpberlinU we have created a lively educational network in the field of fire protection and beyond. In various learning and event formats, matchbox shows how the world of fire protection is connected. With the help of interactive experiments, complex facts and legal interrelationships become understandable, the universal language of mathematics and physics can be experienced and made applicable to everyone.


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Stefan Truthän

Geschäftsührender Gesellschafter

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