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Smart City | DB

Urban people are looking for simple, convenient and environmentally friendly solutions that can be flexibly and individually integrated into their everyday lives. Smart City | DB offers cities sustainable alternatives for the intelligent networking of transport infrastructure, mobility and logistics.

The products provide city dwellers with individual mobility and logistics solutions along their daily route. The various offerings complement the existing infrastructure and strengthen the station and its surroundings in their function as the center of urban life.

The product portfolio bundles various usage concepts: from coworking spaces and smart lockers at the station to mobility stations for e-scooters that ensure greater safety and order on the forecourts. The station is thus becoming a place, a point of attraction with quality of stay, and is growing in importance for networked and sustainable mobility and logistics services such as on-demand shuttles from ioki, microhubs or the mobility stations from Smart City | DB. The bracket is set by Urban Analytics. Through comprehensive data analyses, Smart City | DB ensures that the potential of the locations is used sensibly and creates real added value for the city and its residents.

Smart City | DB is a team of around 25 people at DB that finds ways to use the increasing mobility and logistics in cities as an opportunity and to help shape it.


Contact Person

Dr. Ulrike, Strohkark

Public Affairs & Strategy