Partner detail


EDF proposes a wide range of Smart City solutions for cities and urban developers to co-design and deliver appropriate integrated solutions reconciling economic growth with climate protection.

EDF Deutschland supports and contributes to the German energy transition with local partners (e.g., facilities, suppliers) and an innovative ecosystem (e.g., startups, R&D) by developing innovative solutions such as batteries, green H2 production, and Smart City solutions:

A. Integrated urban planning (e.g. energy planning);

Based on strong references worldwide (e.g. Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai), EDF provides tailored decision support and urban planning solutions for local governments and district developers combining strong domain expertise (e.g. energy, economy, urban climate) with high communicative applications (e.g. AR, VR, 3D web platform).

B. Smart infrastructure (e.g. public lighting and urban equipment, e-mobility charging infrastructure);

C. Urban management platforms (e.g. computerized monitoring management system for public lighting);

D. Smart services for local authorities, users or services operators (e.g. air quality monitoring, citizen local participatory & co-creation frameworks).