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Berliner Agentur für Elektromobilität eMO

The diesel scandal, climate change, growing cities: The challenges to mobility in metropolitan areas are becoming greater. Ideas and new business models are in demand. Companies that are eager to experiment are working together with citizens, science and administration to master these challenges.

New intermodal forms of mobility that reduce private car ownership, logistics concepts that bundle goods and optimize delivery traffic, automated vehicles that communicate with each other, the coupling of energy and mobility - and all electric, of course. This is happening in Berlin, and eMO is working on it with its partners.

eMO is an agency of the state of Berlin, supported by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH. Its partners are the state of Brandenburg as well as companies and institutions from business and science. eMO pools expertise from business, science, politics and administration, networks the players and supports the development, implementation and marketing of regional, national and international innovation projects in the field of smart mobility.


  • Sustainably strengthen the economy and science.
  • Secure and create sustainable jobs.
  • Strengthen the development of new technologies and services.
  • Market intelligent mobility solutions from Berlin internationally.
  • Improve the quality of life of the population.

Contact Person

Jörg Welke

Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Tel: +493046302402