Map of Actors

Smart City Berlin – A Close Network

Smart City processes call for interdisciplinary ways of working and thinking. Smart City Berlin provides the ideal conditions, as many innovative actors in the Smart City field have their headquarters in the federal capital; these include companies and start-ups; societal initiatives; foundations; NGOs; public actors; institutions in the field of research; and administration. 

The map of actors provides a dynamic visualisation of the complex interactions between the various groups of Smart City Berlin stakeholders – with a focus on administration, innovation, application and research. In the course of this, the map illustrates cooperation between individual actors as well as entire networks. When gathering information for the map, the actors involved were asked one central question: ‘With whom did you (your organisation) have relevant, productive contact regarding Smart City Berlin subtopics?’

Have fun discovering our map of actors!

Tips for using the map

  • The map is intuitive to use. As soon as you click on one of the coloured dots, a pop-up window appears with information on the respective actor; to close the window, simply click on the little ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner.
  • The key on the left explains the colour codes for the various groups of stakeholders on the map.
  • Simplify the view by showing / hiding individual groups of stakeholders. To do so, activate or deactivate the individual categories in the menu bar below the map.
  • Use the menu bar on the upper right to zoom in and take a closer look at detailed connections.



The map is not based on real-time data and does not claim to be scientific. Connections were researched by our editors – online as well as in one-on-one interviews. Compilation period:  2020/2021. The map is updated continuously.