About the Network Smart City Berlin

The Smart City Berlin Network is an alliance across all sectors of more than 160 stakeholders from business, science, research and administration. 

We see our role as an impulse generator, think tank and bridge builder for the further development of Berlin as an intelligent, innovation-oriented, citizen-focussed and resilient city. 

We bring together the stakeholders of Smart City Berlin in various communication and cooperation formats and can thus achieve added value for all participants – the city, economy, science or administration. With our commitment to making Berlin smart, we consider ourselves an essential dialogue partner for this development, as an implementer and networker. 

What we offer

  • Open high-level network
  • Interaction and cooperation
  • Exploiting synergies on different levels
  • Direct exchange with Berlin politics
  • Experience in project initiation, development and implementation
  • Urban Lab with numerous application spaces

How we work

The network is developing and testing innovative projects together with the urban society in order to find solutions for the central questions about the future of our city.

  • How can we deal more efficiently and sustainably with our urban environment, urban society and urban economy?
  • How do we want to live tomorrow?
  • How do we sustain the quality of life without losing economic and social attractiveness?

Experts and Project Groups

Our network partners work together in expert and project groups that are focussed on the priorities of urban development or develop very specific solutions to problems. These expert and project groups are the basis and frame of our project work. Across sectors and fields of action they create solutions for the city of the future.

  • Expert Group on Housing
  • Expert Group Mobility
  • Expert Group on Sustainable Mobility in Urban Neighbourhoods
  • Expert Group Smart Home

Learn more about the Expert Groups

Our Team

The network is coordinated by a joint team consisting of:

  • Representatives of the expert groups 
  • Spokepersons of the network
  • Smart City Unit at the Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
  • Berlin Senate Chancellery as the central point of contact for the Berlin administration
  • Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises


Each network partner is also an ambassador for Smart City Berlin - locally, nationally and internationally. Two spokespeople represent the network Smart City Berlin in dialogues with Berlin politics and administration, they form co-operations with other initiatives and activities and represent our successes at conferences and trade fairs.

Claudia Rathfux
Jens Burkhardt


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